Randal Rapier

Executive Director & Mentor

K Cancer Softball


I can’t thank you enough for agreeing to be the keynote speaker at our recent “Gold Ribbon Gala”. Now that we have had a week to digest the event from last Friday night, I thought I would provide you with some of the feedback I have received…

Our organization has 5 audiences that we attempt to reach through our Annual gala; 

  1. Local children battling childhood cancer

  2. Their parents who struggle to maintain a positive outlook on life 

  3. Our travel softball player families

  4. Corporate partners who fund our program

  5. The community members who are unaware of the services we provide

Our goal was to find a speaker who could talk to at least three of our target audience. I never imagined that someone would be able to hit every bucket. Your visit did just that!

From the moment we spoke and you agreed to headline our event, you engaged with the girls on our softball team and pulled them in. They truly felt like you were coming to Rockford to support them. The time that you gave to them during the lead-up and the actual event, made a lasting impact.

Your willingness to make yourself available for local media appearances expanded our reach and helped to get the word out in our community about our Gala, and services. I cannot tell you how many messages and calls I have received from people telling me that they saw the news segments or television appearances that you appeared in.

One consistent comment that we have heard from the 350 people who were in attendance for your presentation is that they were struck by how real you were. Your presentation, and the way you carried yourself the entire evening, was heartfelt as opposed to canned.

Most importantly, I have heard from most of the childhood cancer families that we support. To the last family, they speak of how they left the evening inspired and committed to being “Resilient” in spite of the hand that was dealt to them. Hope can be the difference between whether a child, or the parent’s marriage, survives a fight with cancer.

I would love to speak to any organization that is considering you as a speaker for an event. I can give my unequivocal recommendation! 

Ron Robinson

Assistant Athletics Director

St. Francis Episcopal School

Houston, TX

In working with middle school age students each day, I witness the challenges and insecurities they face on a regular basis.  Am I good enough?  This is too hard?  Why should I try?  How can I do this?  Would it be easier to just quit?  Those are question students ask themselves daily.  To be honest, motivating kids to look past those difficulties is a daunting task.  In the past, I have asked myself how can I inspire these kids to overcome their challenges?  Recently, I had some help answering this question.  

That help came in the form of Kendall Burton.  My school was fortunate enough to have Kendall come and speak to our 6—9 grade students at our end of the season athletics recognition ceremonies.  Kendall captivated the students’ attention from the moment she stepped to the microphone.  Her story drew the students in to know about her life’s challenges, one after the other.  The true power of her message came with how vividly she communicated to the kids that no matter what life throws at you, if you have the desire and will to overcome those hardships, nothing can get you out.

Kendall’s story of resilience and determination still echo in the minds of our students and coaches.  Over a week has gone by, and kids and parents are still talking about how Kendall’s story has inspired them.  I do not think any of us will soon forget.